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How to join us

For publishing professionals, career changers and emerging talent. How to join us at De Gruyter. Are you already working at a scholarly publisher and are familiar with publishing content and structures? Or are you coming to us from a completely different sector? Are you, for example, a chemist, physician or a software developer and find the world of publishing attractive and exciting?

In both cases, you've come to the right place because we are always on the lookout for publishing professionals and are very happy to welcome career changers. Or are you still studying or have just finished university? We can support you as an emerging talent as well. Get to know us and read more about the variety of career options that are available with us.

Departments at De Gruyter


We publish in 28 areas from Medieval Studies to Medicine to Economics – and almost everything in between and the Editorial teams are the center of our content acquisition and management activities.

The content acquisition activities put you in the driving seat for new publishing projects. You evaluate opportunities and – together with authors and editors – you develop new ideas and stay on top of new research developments within your discipline. You will also represent your team at relevant conferences in Germany and internationally.

The project management activities include nurturing the product from the signing of the contract all the way to its launch. You manage the publishing process for our books and journals and are in direct contact with authors and editors and work closely with colleagues in Marketing, Sales and Production.


Production is the team that provides the physical home for the intellectual property of renowned researchers.

Our book and journal production team prepare, process and review our authors’ manuscripts. This includes technical copyediting as well as photo-editing. You ensure the high quality of the content before producing camera-ready copy. During the entire process, you coordinate the templates and the fonts.
In central purchasing areas, you manage our service providers and negotiate with them by analyzing the market for procurement and by calculating costs. Procurement controlling is also part of your job in Purchasing.

IT, platform and digital publishing

We are one of the largest open access publishers, and we offer almost every single product in a digital format. In order to ensure that this stays this way, we constantly expand and develop our infrastructure.

As a member of the Database Management, Platform Management, Data Quality Management and Digital Product Development teams, you help develop new digital products and ensure access to the relevant technologies. You also manage and develop concepts and manage our digital editorial and content management systems. To ensure high quality, you analyze technical product data from our databases, eBook and Apps. When required, you adapt the relevant product standards, e-publishing-processes and workflows for XML-based, media-neutral production processes while always keeping the user experience in mind.

Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Communications

The best scholarly works are useless if they are not perceived in the community. Our colleagues in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Communications work closely with all of the other departments.

In the Marketing team, you plan campaigns, trade shows and conferences. You create marketing materials as well as webpages and help fill our social media accounts with interesting information. The Market Research team provides sound data for taking marketing decisions.

The Sales team sells our products and those of our publishing partners. You use existing – and develop new – sales channels based on a variety of business models.

The Customer Service team is an important partner for our customers. All general information requests related to our products are compiled and shared with Sales and our distribution partners.

As a part of our Communications team, you help plan, conceive and execute internal and external communications for the company as a whole. You maintain contacts with the press and other stakeholders and use media relations to communicate our activities to the wider world.

Controlling, Accounting and People + Culture

Last, but not least, we also offer opportunities in Controlling, Accounting and HR Management. In these teams, you support all company activities as an operational and strategic partner with your expertise.

Traineeships, clerkships and internships

Even if you have just finished university – or even if you are still studying – we can help develop your talent in an atmosphere that most highly values quality. We offer three different possibilities:

Our traineeship program can train you as an Editor – for one whole year. You will learn the basics with respect to workflow and technical knowledge and emerge at the end of the year as a first-class manager for publishing processes. You also have the opportunity to gain interdisciplinary insight into other activities through short internships and excursions.

Are you a law student and looking for an exciting place for your clerkship? If you choose us, you will be involved in activities beyond classical legal work and have the chance to proactively work on the creation of specialist legal reference works. Our list of vacancies provides information on what is currently available.

Even if you are still studying, we might have something for you. Your theoretical expertise can be put to good use during an internship for three to six months. Our interns also participate in all activities geared towards our trainees.

Our application procedure


FAQs and their answers

What do you expect from my application?

We want an authentic first impression of you. The more information you provide, the better for us to get to know you. Therefore, please make sure that your application is comprehensive: cover letter, CV/resume, reports and evaluations, salary requirements and possible starting date.

Can I send my application by e-mail or by mail?

Unfortunately, no. The use of our application management tool helps us to manage the application procedure as quickly as possible. This helps you and helps us by making a timely response possible.

How much time do I have to apply for a specific vacancy?

If a vacancy is posted on our website, you can apply for it. Some positions have a cut-off date, but this is clearly indicated where this is the case. So if you see it, you can apply for it.

Can I send you a general application if I do not see a specific vacancy?

Yes, of course. We are happy to accept general applications through the application management tool. The more specific you are in describing your talents and your ideal position, the better we can determine if there might be a match.

I haven’t received a confirmation that my application has been received. What do I do?

As soon as you have saved your information on our application management tool, you should receive an auto-generated confirmation e-mail. Sometimes, these confirmations end up in your spam folder, so check that first. If it is not there, please contact us, so we can make sure we have your application.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about a specific vacancy?

If you have questions about a specific vacancy, please contact our People + Culture team.

How long does it take to receive an answer from you?

The HR team reviews each application very carefully and as quickly as possible. The speed depends not only on the number of applications that we receive, but also other day-to-day factors such as holiday periods or travel. We ask for your understanding if the process takes a bit longer than is ideal. However, if you have questions as to the status of your application, please contact us.

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