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Why publish with De Gruyter

No matter if you are a first-time author or an accomplished writer, finding the right publisher who listens, guides you through the process, and provides you with a wide range of publishing options, including open access, is key to your book's success.

For almost 300 years, we’ve been entrusted by more than 1 million authors to publish their work. Every year we produce over 1600 books, including monographs, textbooks, practitioner guides, and reference works across the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Headquartered in Berlin and Boston with offices around the world, we have grown our international reputation in long-established subjects such as history, philosophy, linguistics, and the physical sciences, while building strong programs in business, economics, politics, and digital humanities. As an independent academic publisher, we have fearlessly innovated with new formats and platforms and are proud to be a trusted partner to top university presses around the world.

See why we are a great partner for publishing and sharing your research.

Six reasons to publish your book with De Gruyter

Our editorial standards are second to none. In addition to your editor being a specialist in his/her/their field, your book will benefit from:

Highest Quality

Your manuscript will undergo a thorough peer review to meet the highest research quality standards. Expert editors and in-house production professionals work with you every step of the way to ensure that your book looks great and is free of errors.

Author Care

As an independent publisher, the word ‘family’ extends to our authors. Our passion for books and compassion for authors is regularly cited as one of the reasons people are most satisfied with their publishing experience with us. You will receive prompt, practical and thoughtful answers to your questions throughout the publishing process.

Scope of academic disciplines

You'll be sure to find the right home for your work with our comprehensive range of academic publishing in 30 subject areas and high-profile book series in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Our imprints and partner publishers are excellent examples of this variety.

Flexibility and speed

Get your book out in a format that suits you and the needs of your academic community with a wide range of publishing options: from traditional print to print-on-demand, eBooks, and fast-tracked publishing models. 

Open and digital

With more than 150 open access books published each year, De Gruyter is one of the world's largest independent open access publishers. Every month is visited by over two and a half million people. If you are considering publishing open access, learn more about open access books and where you can get funding and support.

Discoverability and impact

Over the past decade, we've helped authors put their work in front of a global audience with new digital platforms and partnerships with the world’s top university presses. You could be one of our many authors who are leading conversations in their fields.

Learn more about us

If you have a fresh perspective and or a new idea that pushes the boundaries of your field of study, we want to hear from you. Find out more about how to publish with us, our subject areas, and our book series.

What our authors say

We can only carry out our mission with the support of our most important partners: you, our authors. Here is what some of our authors say about publishing with us.

My experience as a De Gruyter author has been incredibly positive. The submission and approval processes are both straightforward and rapid, and the technical standards are first-rate and highly professional. Overall, the programme features outstanding and exciting science and technology titles and I am honoured that my book is part of the programme.

Prof. Dr. Russ Hille

Department of Biochemistry University of California, Riverside, USA

Both as an author and editor, I’ve found in De Gruyter staff support and assistance during all the phases of publishing. [...] I strongly believe that to find a very good publisher, one who’s willing to take great care of your academic work, is something rare. I’m happy to have found it in De Gruyter.

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Cornelli

Archai UNESCO Chair / Department of Philosophy University of Brasília, Brazil President of the International Plato Society

Publishing with De Gruyter exceeded my hopes and expectations in ways for which I will be forever grateful. From content to design to timing, pricing, and distribution, editors and staff were marvellously and consistently attentive to large objectives and small details alike. As an author, I have never felt my work is so well cared for as with De Gruyter. Under gracious and expert editorial direction, from first enquiries through to production and beyond, a book that meant the world to me found a home in a world of readers.

Prof. Dr. Leslie Adelson

Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of German Studies Department of German Studies Cornell University, Ithaca, USA

Knowing De Gruyter as a highly esteemed publisher of many books that I have made crucial use of in my research, I was very excited when I first had the chance to work with them. And the experience of being an editor and author in the hands of De Gruyter’s professional organization and its helpful, friendly and inspiring staff was truly beyond my expectations! Luckily, I have already embarked on the next project with De Gruyter and I am greatly looking forward to the process.

Prof. Dr. Thea S. Thorsen

Department of Historical Studies Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

Ready To Submit?

DG Editors talking

We are always looking to publish exciting research and look forward to hearing from you. Our editors are on hand to help you with any questions about the publication process.

More Information for Authors

Want to find out more? Our brochure about publishing with De Gruyter has more detailed information about our publishing house.

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