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Your Digital Product at De Gruyter

If you are interested in publishing in a digital format, De Gruyter offers a range of the latest digital tools to help you with the publishing process. We have already published about 90 databases on our platform as well as standalone products. We offer a variety of distribution and license models including Open access.

Find out more about our leading databases, the tools and services that we offer and why our authors publish with us.

Publish with De Gruyter

Whether you are in the process of writing an application for funding, are in the middle of a project and looking for a digital platform or you have finished, we can provide valuable input and support to make your idea a digital reality.

Get in touch to discuss your project

When you first contact us it’s useful to have certain information to hand. We are likely to ask:

  • What is the status of the project: Is it an idea or finished?

  • What is the topic and research question?

  • Who is involved in what kind of role and with what resources?

  • What is the main target audience?

  • What data and material exists, in what format and what needs to be created?

  • What is the financial background of the project?

  • Are there competitive or comparable products?

Developing your project with De Gruyter

We cover various product types

Products include:

  • Bibliographies

  • Encyclopedias

  • Dictionaries

  • Handbooks

  • Digital Editions

We deal with heterogeneous datasets and sources

You can submit your work in a variety of formats:

  • Print

  • PDF

  • XML

  • Word

  • Excel

We use established data standards

To ensure consistency, make text machine readable and contribute to discoverability we conform to:

  • TEI

  • NLM

We provide you with tools to support you through the editorial, writing, peer-review and annotation process

We use sophisticated digital interfaces and tools to save you time and keep the project moving forwards:

  • Content Management System (CMS)

  • Transkribus

  • Oxygen Framework

We can provide online -only or online and print publication

While the vast majority of research is now online, we know that some territories and subject areas still value print. We offer both cutting edge online tools and an impressive print heritage.

For all product types both ways of publication can be considered.

We host and maintain reliable digital infrastructure and offer long-term availability

De Gruyter provides high quality robust digital platforms backed by a long-established, stable business.

  • Infrastructure and availability are core elements of the business

  • With 300 years of existence, we are a trusted, established partner

  • We regularly check the technical implementation of our products with regard to new developments and technologies

We implement trusted access via library catalogs and discovery services

Metadata and discoverability strategies help readers get to the content they need. Your product will be findable in trusted environments and established systems.

We are experts in academic, professional and medical markets

Readers know that De Gruyter titles are the highest quality, peer reviewed content.

  • Outstanding relationships with libraries and distributors

  • Social media and email marketing direct to researchers

  • Marketing teams launching new products and supporting existing titles


If you are interested in publishing a digital product with us, please contact our editorial teams for a specific offer or our Product Manager Digital Janna Hennicke-Blažan for general information.

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